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This Week In Social: Lowry's Introspection and more Drake Night stuff

Drake Night swag, a future child, and the inevitability of death highlight your weekly look inside the lives of the Toronto Raptors.

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Here at This Week In Social, we revel in raw moments on social media. Whether it's Amir Johnson posting pictures of his mangled toenail or Terrence Ross taking a deep dive into Instagram hate, there's something beautiful about athletes sending something out, leaving it out there for us to judge.

That's why the James Johnson case is so interesting. You know the story by now. He tweeted out his "under-utilized" mood (which isn't a human emotion) after Wednesday night's win over the Cleveland Cavaliers. The truth behind the tweet wasn't shocking -- many do feel Dwane Casey benches him too much -- but the tweet itself was surprising.

Overall, professional athletes are starting to mellow on social media. Their brand is more important than their personality, and when we get the Rudy Goberts, Joel Embiids or James Johnsons, it stands out. We crave the realness, but rarely is it provided to us. Johnson later apologized for his honesty, which is wholly unnecessary. He was telling it like it is, and his team should welcome his passion, not bench him further.

Now here's some of the less raw moments of the week in Raptors social media.

Drake Night was a huge success and not just for the OVO jerseys and Matt Devlin dance moves. Exhibit A, DeMar DeRozan's gorgeous kicks from the night.

Exhibit B, a rare tweet from Bismack Biyombo. Long live #Biznation.

In news that makes you go "aww", it looks like the Carroll family will be celebrating a new addition in short order.

Daddy's lil MAN is getting BIG!!! #Family #FatherHood #Wifey #Blessed #Pregnancy #TeamCarroll

A photo posted by DeMarre Carroll (@demarrecarroll1) on

Carroll's professional life had a good week too, and he showed significant emoji support for a Toronto Sun sports cover.

Back to Drake Night for a moment, where Kyle Lowry promised a Thanksgiving asleep in bed after an outstanding performance. He stayed true to his word, apparently.

Lowry has been out there a bit more on social this season, and gets introspective with this tweet.

I too measure time in Kanye West albums. I'm now five years removed from college and the days spent banging My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. The songs spoke to me then, and speak to me now. Life has changed though -- I'm just a corporate dude now, wearing cuffed dress shirts and punching keys on a social media column. Death is inevitable, and these keystrokes just bring me closer to it.

Anyway, what's your favourite Kanye West album? Any social posts I missed? Leave your thoughts in the comments!