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James Johnson Tweets about his mood

The Raptors are 10-6, but some people aren't thrilled.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

It was just a late-November win, but last night's result against LeBron James and the Cavs felt unusually wonderful. Kyle Lowry continued to play like one of the East's best players, Bismack Biyombo didn't look completely inept offensively, and DeMarre Carroll defended James the way we dreamed he would.

But not everyone was so pleased. After playing five minutes and posting one rebound, one block, and a +2 rating, James Johnson took to Twitter:

On one hand, you can understand Johnson's frustration. With the Raptors lacking depth - particularly with Jonas Valanciunas sidelined - you'd think there would be more playing time available for a guy who has been a plus-minus monster in his limited runs of playing time in his second stint as a Raptor.

That said, with the way the depth chart sits right now, there doesn't seem to be a clear path for Johnson to carve out a consistent role. DeMarre Carroll is back and playing superbly for 30-plus minutes a night at the three, Luis Scola is playing like it's a Canada-Argentina game every night, and Patrick Patterson is beginning to find his footing after a rough start. Other than some experimental line-ups with Johnson at centre (which I really hope we get to see more), there's not an obvious slot for him to occupy on a nightly basis.

The timing of this tweet is probably the most perplexing thing. Toronto is riding a three-game winning streak with two of those wins coming against the Clippers and Cavs, and it's not as if Johnson has been a regular "DNP-CD" recently. He played sparingly in Sunday and Wednesday's wins, but in the four games prior he played roughly 13 minutes a game. It seems like an inopportune moment for him to voice his displeasure.

What do you make of Johnson's tweet?