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Drake Night III off to a grand start with Norm

Sure, the City of Toronto needs tending to, but Norm understands his role as a man of the people.

While I won't pretend to know what kind of business needs attention in Ward 40, I will gladly report that Norm Kelly, the councillor for the area and noted Twitter savant, was fulfilling his civic duty downtown at the ACC this morning.

How, you ask?

Why, he was checking out the Hotline Bling Replica Activation box of course. Check the video:

And some of these dance moves:

Look, municipal politics is a tough racket. It's not enough to have a handle on the issues, you also have to understand memes. Norm gets it. And while we can worry all we want about what happens if Denzil Minnan-Wong or Giorgio Mammoliti figures out how to harness this power, for now let's just enjoy Drake Night III.

(And there's also a basketball game in there somewhere featuring the Raptors.)