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Raptors vs. Clippers: Unrest at Staples Centre

A five-game road trip concludes at Staples Centre, where the Raptors meet another team struggling of late, the Los Angeles Clippers.

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

While their struggles aren't as horrific (or as hilarious) as the team they share a building with, the Los Angeles Clippers have looked out of sorts for most of this young season. Losers of six of their last eight games after starting the season 4-0, the 6-6 Clips have looked rather casual in a conference that demands laser focus.

The 8-6 Toronto Raptors are going through a similar struggle, but may be able to take advantage of the team they're up against. The Clippers' big areas of disappointment over the last few games have been rebounding and late-game defense, most noticeable against the Golden State Warriors.

Sure enough, the Raptors are headed into this one without their best rebounder (Jonas Valanciunas, out six weeks with a hand injury) and late-game offense being their big issue. While you can expect the DeRozan isolations to continue late in a close game, there's reason to be excited if they end in buckets.

It may not necessarily be a friendly place to end a five-game road trip, but a 12:30 PST start should boost the East coast squad and, hopefully, get the Raptors headed home on a high note.

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