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This Week In Social: Lotiongate takes over and TV binge-watching

Norman Powell's love of television and an airport snafu highlight your weekly look inside the lives of the Toronto Raptors.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

I shouldn't congratulate myself, but I'll take credit for it anyway. The Raptors have gone silent on social media, and I think it's because this column exists. I mean, I've run the numbers on how many eyeballs we're grabbing here at Raptors HQ, and there's a good chance that players are in that audience group.

Whatever the reason, this week's look at the Raptors on social media will be pretty light, so bear with me as we get through this.

Patrick Patterson is moving up my social power rankings after a couple weeks of sadness. Here he is complaining about airport security, the bug-a-boo of middle class America, after losing his lotion bottle. I'm dubbing this Lotiongate, because I have no creativity.

Someone we haven't featured yet is rookie Norman Powell, who's got a serious love affair going with television. Based on the frequency of tweets saying he's "on to [insert show here]", I'm willing to say that the man spends every waking moment watching shows on his phone. To his credit, he's got good taste.

He's also less than pleased with the team's performance after this week's loss to Utah.

Here's DeMarre Carroll sending love to his old teammates in Atlanta. Like I said, it's a slow week.

Finally, here's Bald Jonas Valanciunas, kindly threatening to shave Leo Rautins.

On a related note, how upset was everyone else that Rautins got rid of the beard so early in the season? I, for one, was a huge fan.

See you next week.