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Raptors vs. Warriors: Will Toronto be the one to break Golden State's streak?

The Warriors have won 11 games in a row. The Raptors... have not.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

If you're like me--perish the thought--you've probably been thinking about Star Wars a lot this year. Well OK, you probably think about it a lot in other years too, but let's not get carried away here. Anyway, in Star Wars parlance, the Golden State Warriors are the Death Star. They are a world-crushing, invincible force that offers only the smallest hint of weakness.

But, like, the Warriors are also a Death Star that can move really fast, and be in multiple places at once, and attack in different ways (beyond just a planet-crushing laser). The Warriors are also a Death Star that doesn't really have, you know, any stupid weakness like an errant exhaust port or half-built superstructure. They are complete; they are terrifying.

In this analogy, the Raptors are the Rebel Alliance. They're a rag-tag bunch of dudes looking to restore order to the galaxy. They've got some spunk, some moxie; we're rooting for them to destroy the Death Star and win it in the end. But I'd be lying to you if I said things didn't look and sound grim at the moment.

There's this statement from the Warriors' Draymond Green:

Which, if we're being honest, Is akin to this moment in Return of the Jedi:

In any case, let's keep hope alive here. In every Star Wars movie (except I guess Empire Strikes Back, and sure OK Revenge of the Sith, but stay with me here) the good guys win. The Raptors are the good guys. It's not quite a new hope, but it's something.

Some pre-game reading:

Familiarize yourself with the issues by reading John Gaudes' game preview here.

And Daniel Hackett is on hand to explain how great Jonas Valanciunas is right now.

Now, may the Force be with you--er, I mean, let's get to the comments.