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One Must Win (Right?): Raptors @ Sixers

The Raptors are listing right now as they had to Philadelphia to take on the Sixers, a team built to list indefinitely.

John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

When people talk about trap games, they mean a matchup on a Wednesday night in November against a lightly (lightly) regarded win-less Sixers team in Philly. The Raptors have lost three in a row, so maybe the trap rules don't quite apply. Toronto is hungry, the tides of panic are rising, and the calvary is still a ways off.

With plantar fasciitis still raging within the feet of DeMarre Carroll, and Terrence Ross the unfortunate victim of a finger ligament injury, the Raptors are reeling. You know the situation is dire when we are lamenting the absence of Ross, whose 3-for-19, seven point, two assists, five rebound tally in four (4) games has not exactly endeared him to fans.

The Sixers meanwhile are 0-7. Robert Covington is still injured. Nerlens Noel is sitting out tonight against Toronto. Jahlil Okafor is showing tons of promise, but the team is starting guys like this:

Holmes is on the case. Is this a trap game or the most must-win situation the Raptors could ever find themselves in?

Let's find out. Read our preview of the game here. Then, get in the comments and join us for Raptors vs. Sixers.