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Update: Terrence Ross on his injury

Here's the injury update straight from number 31 himself.

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

As it was announced before the game, Terrence Ross is out with an injury to his finger. It's rough timing for the fourth year player, as Ross just signed a sizable three year extension and has been in something of a slump over the past few games.

After the game, Ross was asked about the injury and about being on the sidelines.

Ross on how it happened:

"Working out, hit fingers, hit my thumb against another player. They hit me in the right spot."

On what happened afterward:

"I thought it might a been like a jam, but then it didn't feel like that for awhile. Then it started swelling up, and kept swelling, so I went to the trainer."

On his rehab timeline:

"Just found out today... Could be back as soon as two, to who knows. You gotta watch it, it takes time to heal"

And finally, on being inactive:

"It's tough, my first time being injured [in-season]. I mean, gotta stay active, keep doing what I normally do, work out, stay in shape, stay ready."

With DeMarre Carroll battling plantar fasciitis, and now Ross' injury, the Raptors suddenly look very thin on the wing. If tonight's struggle against the Knicks is any indication, they'll need to see something from James Johnson, Anthony Bennett or maybe Norman Powell, to avoid a real debacle. (I mean, a debacle even bigger than a three game losing streak.)