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Raptors welcome Carmelo Anthony, Zinger and the Knicks

Toronto has all kinds of reasons to want this win.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

For today's game thread, let's just count the reasons the Raptors want this win:

1) To be 6-2, duh.

2) Let's double down on this: It feels good to win, rather than, say, lose.

3) Especially when the Raptors are two-third of the way to losing three games in a row. That's bad.

4) Just between you and me, there's something about Carmelo Anthony losing basketball games that gives me pleasure. Is this wrong? Should I not admit this?

5) [Ronald Reagan voice] Win just one for the DeMarre.

6) Knicks rookie, and noted string bean, Kristaps Porzingis is playing in Canada for the first time. That's nice and everything, but rook's gotta learn the hard lessons.

7) To overcome Little Brother Syndrome since Toronto always seems to live in the shadow of New York City. A win will show'em!

8) What am I forgetting?

9) ...

10) The draft pick! The Raptors are set to receive the higher numbered (or, if you prefer, lower valued) pick between the Denver Nuggets (a bad team) and the Knicks (also a bad team). If that's not incentive to beat up on this team from New York, I don't know what is.

Read our preview and get set. Knicks vs. Raptors in 30 minutes. Get to the comments.