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Raptors vs. Bucks: Nothing quite like a little Sunday evening basketball

The game is afoot as the Raptors go for their third win of the season vs. the Bucks.

Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

For all the negative talk about the Raptors heading into the season (Zach Lowe's prediction they'll be closer to 8th than 2nd, the constant one playoff round and done premonitions), the team has actually been playing well.

Some qualifiers: Toronto has gotten off to a couple of slow starts. There are still kinks being worked out of the offense, for sure. But then, hmm, Kyle Lowry starts putting on the afterburners, DeRozan is hitting his fade-away jumpers, and one of Terrence Ross or Jonas Valanciunas (never both!) get going, and the Raptors look fearsome. And this is before mentioning what DeMarre Carroll has brought to the table.

Still, we're at just the third game of the season. Anyway:

Look at that, the Raptors are in the SB Nation Shootaround, and the word hope is being bandied about.

Here's our preview, from Steven Lebron, on the game tonight. Tip-off in 30 minutes.

The comments, they await.