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Welcome to the James Johnson Watch: It's only one game

Welcome to a new feature at Raptors HQ: the James Johnson watch.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Toronto Raptors are 1-0, everything seems possible, and yet: there remains this referendum on James Johnson. There are some who think he's a natural fit to play as both the backup 3 and 4. There are those who think he could be the answer to various problems with the team. There are still others who believe him to be the tenth man on a nine man team. (Dwane Casey may be in this last group.)

As part of this Raptors season, we'll be running the weekly James Johnson Watch to help record and gauge the playing time and effectiveness of, you guessed it, James Johnson. I don't want to overstate this, but it is the most important question of our time.

Now, without further ado...

Did James Johnson Play?

Yes. For three minutes to start (really?) the fourth quarter. He put up, as part of that effort, a three trillion, which means he did nothing else in the game that was reflected in the box score. This is no small feat.

Game Highlight:

The lone highlight I can recall was this:

It was not the most productive of games for James Johnson.

Prediction for the Week

We'll try to drop each edition of the James Johnson Watch on Thursdays because, why not. For the rest of the week (until next Thursday), here's how the Raptors schedule shakes out: at Celtics, vs. Bucks, at Mavericks, at Thunder. Considering the speed of those Boston and Milwaukee teams, there's a shot Johnson gets some burn. Then again, if the Raptors manage to crush the Mavs or get crushed by the Thunder, Johnson may find himself in play. There are a lot of variables here. Still, we've got to call it.

Over/Under Minutes: 12.5

I'm taking the under.

What do you guys think?