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5Qs: On the Boston Celtics, old friend Amir Johnson and playoff potential

As part of our season preview, we'll be talking to other SB Nation team blogs and asking them five questions about their team.

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As the 5Q series continues, today we chat with Justin Danziger of CelticsBlog on our old friend Amir Johnson, the incoming David Lee and the Celtics potential as a playoff contender.

Q: The Celtics made some changes in the offseason with the signing of Amir Johnson and trading for David Lee. What are your thoughts on those moves?

A: The Celtics offseason was productive, but not ideal. This team is still looking for that star and they struck out on quite of a few this summer. However, adding Amir Johnson and David Lee isn't half bad. Johnson was the big name free agent and he is joining an already stuffed front court. He's expected to take on a larger role of scoring and protecting the rim. People have been questioning whether David Lee will see much floor time, but I am a supporter of the veteran. I think all the Celtics expect from him is to score around the basket and lead.

Q: Last season, Brad Stevens led the Celtics to the playoffs as the 7th seed with a record 40-42. They were swept by the Cavs in round one. What are the expectations for the team this season?

A: The expectations at this point are to just make the playoffs. The East will be more competitive this year with Chris Bosh and Paul George healthy, and Boston didn't have an off season that they expected, but I still believe they are capable of making the playoffs. As a coach, I am hoping for Stevens to further implement his approach to the game: keep the ball moving. Stevens is in a good position.

Q: Isaiah Thomas had a great season with the Celtics averaging 19 points and 5.4 assists per game. What do you think he needs to work on going into the new season?

A: Isaiah Thomas got smothered by the Cavs in the playoffs because he was a bit sloppy with the ball. I just want him to stay composed and do his thing. The guy can score and run well, and I'm not expecting him to take on a serious role on defense due to his size, but I do expect him to take on a large role on offense.  It was Thomas that turned this team around in the second half of last season, so if he can bring the same intensity this year, everyone will be happy.

Q: The Raptors couldn't make the second round of the playoffs because our defense just wasn't good enough. They picked up DeMarre Carroll and Bismack Biyombo to help that problem. Do you think the Raptors will make it past the second round of the playoffs now with these two key additions?

A: Honestly... no. I think the Raptors will have a solid season, and I believe DeMarre and Biyombo will be a big part of that, but I can't see them getting past a team like the Cavaliers or Bulls. I expect a new scene in the Eastern Conference (Chris Bosh is back and I think the Magic can make a push) so I can't see the Raptors taking a top seed. But you never know with this team.

Q: The Raptors have a few rookie prospects in Bruno Caboclo, Norman Powell and Delon Wright. From your perspective and what you know, how high would you say their ceiling/potential is?

A: Bruno Caboclo was a surprise pick but I love his potential. He looked very good in summer league with his length and athleticism. His ceiling is high because he is showing signs of maturity at such a raw age. As for Norman Powell, I'm not sure how high his ceiling is but I can see him being a solid defender. His shot certainly needs work but look what Brad Stevens is doing to Marcus Smart and his "broken" jump shot. I have always been a Delon Wright fan. He developed in his years at Utah, and it shows in his ability to make the right plays. I can see him making a major impact this year and in the future thanks to his tremendous defense and ball movement abilities.