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Dorell Wright Pens Letter To Younger Brother Delon at Players' Tribune

Words of advice from the older brother.

Peter Llewellyn-USA TODAY Sports

Over at Players' Tribune, Dorell Wright penned an open letter to his younger brother and Raptors first round pick Delon. Some of the advice he gave:

Don't get hustled in card games:

First, run away from the card games on the team plane. Don’t play. Don’t sit down at that table. And if you do play, put a limit on your buy-in. Pick a number, and if you lose it, get up. Guys will talk trash and try to keep you in.

Be aware of the people who try to meet you:

More seriously, I know my wife Mia has spoken to you about the women you’re going to meet, and more importantly who will be trying to meet you. She understands. She’s in the family room at the arena. She’s seen all kinds of different women come and go. Different teams, different girlfriends, wives, fiancees — she knows more than I ever will. So whatever she says, do it. You’ll be happier, more focused and you’ll stay out of trouble.

Manage your money:

What they don’t tell you is that it’s not just the availability of money that adds temptation, but time. You have all this free time to buy, buy, buy. Really, free time is the root of the trouble you can find as a pro. That’s the hardest thing about the adjustment you’re about to make.

Fit in and get that extra per diem money:

Oh, and here’s a nice little perk: Since you’re a rookie, if you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing and behaving like a pro, on road trips vets like me will throw you their per diem envelope. Whatever rook looked out for me, bringing in my gear in the morning or doing those small things a vet needs, as soon as we get off the plane, I’ll just hand the envelope over. Those extra per diems are pretty sweet and can go a long way.

Don't waste money on picking up technical fouls:

And if you’re going to bother saving your money, don’t waste it picking up T’s. They cost too much. Two grand off the top, and then higher if you start piling them up. More importantly, you don’t want to develop a rep, especially as a point guard. You need the respect of the refs. Not to be teacher’s pet, but so you can talk to them during games. Little things like that can go a long way over time.

There's much more in the piece so read it in full here.