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The Home Stretch: Dwane Casey and Stephen Harper Get The All-Star Vote Out for Kyle Lowry

Lesson learned this week: Don’t mess with Canada.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

We’re just two short weeks away from finding out the 2015 NBA All-Stars, with the announcement of starters on January 22 and reserves on January 29.

Kyle Lowry, who’s been the best player on one of the Eastern Conference’s best teams, is a disappointing fourth place in fan voting for East guards.

Word of this has reached the highest offices of our great country. Stephen Harper, the freaking Prime Minister of Canada and a man of diplomacy, reached out to his people via Twitter:

(Please note, if you want to look like a person who cares about politics, you can re-tweet Mr. Harper and it counts as a vote!)

Back in the Raptors offices, the plea for votes is getting equally intense. Dwane Casey expressed his surprise at Lowry’s poll position in a recent media session, saying, "I hope our fans get out and vote and don’t put it in the hands of the coaches."

He wasn’t done there.

"And if the coaches don’t do it I’m probably going to get into a physical fight with those guys."

Count me in for the Raptors new pre-game routine – Herbie Kuhn announces the starters, then Dwane Casey physically beats down the opposing coach at center court. I would also accept a one-off Anchorman-style brawl in a football field. That would require a bit more strategy, something Stan Van Gundy’s got in spades.

If you’d prefer Kyle Lowry in the All-Star game over coaches in fisticuffs, there’s still time to vote. You can do so in a bunch of different ways, but the easiest is to get on Facebook or Twitter and post "Kyle Lowry #NBABallot". Go out and do your country proud.