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Lou Williams Headlines The Fourth Annual Luke Walton All-Stars

Two Raptors made this year's team.

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

If you're not familiar, for four years running now, Zach Lowe has selected his Luke Walton All-Stars, in his words, "for journeymen thriving in unexpectedly large roles, and NBA players are confident sorts; they rarely find their individual success surprising."

You can find his Luke Walton All-Stars for this season here, and the captain of Zach's team? None other than Lou Williams. An excerpt from his write-up:

Williams might be the league’s wiliest drawer of fouls. If he coaxes an opponent just a hair off-balance, Williams will lean into the poor sap, confident the officials will see a desperate defender reaching to regain control of the situation. Sometimes the defender really is guilty; Williams fools people with a mean-spirited pump fake, and when he gains just an inch of inside position on the pick-and-roll, he’ll either go right to the rim or rise up whenever he feels the defender creeping in from behind. He’s an expert at faking toward a screen on the pick-and-roll, getting his defender to lean that way, and then darting away from the pick; Williams has veered away from the screen on 29 percent of his pick-and-rolls this season, per Synergy Sports, the third-highest mark among rotation ball handlers.

Some of the alleged fouls are impossible to spot even after multiple replays, and that’s a tribute to Williams using his long arms, weird change-of-pace game, and predatory driving to create the impression of contact when none exists. It can get ugly when officials sniff out the hoax, but Williams is living at the line right now.

Patrick Patterson also made the team. For those curious, the rest of the team: Aaron Brooks, Jared Dudley, Kris Humphries, Chris Kaman, Rasual Butler, Beno Udrih, Joe Ingles, Jason Terry, Lavoy Allen and Ed Davis.