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Pelicans vs. Raptors: The Unibrow (Maybe) Cometh

The Raptors look to erase the memory of their nightmarish performance from Friday night with a win over the Pelicans on Sunday afternoon.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Where to Watch: Sportsnet 360, 3:30 p.m.

Fantastic. Another bird team.

After Friday's disastrous 110-89 loss to the surging (understatement!) Atlanta Hawks, I can't help but feel that: a) All birds are evil by default, and b) The Raptors seriously need to get their act together.

Can we stop turning the basketball over, please? Toronto ranks 25th in turnovers in 2015 with an average of 17.1. That includes the 17 they had two days ago.

It's been ugly. Stomachs are churning, hair is being yanked out and the bandwagon is slowly losing passengers.

Perhaps a victory over the New Orleans Pelicans will help turn things around.

Toronto may catch a break if Anthony Davis doesn't suit up. He's listed as questionable with a sprained left toe. Davis is third in the league in scoring (24.2), sixth in field goal percentage (56.1), 10th in rebounds (10.4) and first in blocks (2.92).

He's essentially a team unto himself.

Jrue Holiday is also questionable because of inflammation of his left ankle.

A loss against the Philadelphia 76ers (96-81 on Friday) would make anyone a tad antsy. Perhaps head coach Monty Williams will look to get two of his stars on the floor in hopes of stealing a win on the road against a clearly vulnerable Raptors squad.

Still no word on if we'll see any lineup changes. Replacing Terrence Ross with James Johnson seems like a safe bet, but as of this writing, there hasn't been any confirmation from Dwane Casey on that front.

LATE UPDATE: Looks like the Pelicans will sit both Jrue Holiday AND Anthony Davis today. Life is unfair.

As always, leave your comments below and (hopefully) enjoy the game!