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According to a new Twitter map, Raptors fans dominate Canada, except for British Columbia

We The North, pretty much.

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

Twitter unveiled a new interactive map yesterday showing where every NBA team's fanbase were located. Here's Toronto's:

You can browse around and read about other teams here. About the Raptors:

From Montreal to Vancouver to the wilderness of Nunavut, there’s one team ruling northernmost North America: the Toronto @Raptors, the only Canadian team to play in the NBA. While that support is concentrated around Toronto, the whole country appears to be rooting for the Raptors – except, that is, for British Columbia. B.C. is split almost evenly between the Raptors and (the LA) @Lakers, which has also made inroads into Manitoba.

It's pretty much We The North everywhere in Canada.