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PSA: We're Not Looking At The Atlantic Division Standings Anymore

New year, new approach.

Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

Here are the Atlantic Division standings:

Notice anything strange? No, I'm not talking about how both NBA teams in the New York area have combined to lose their last 21 games, or the fact that we're 10 division wins away from getting to 16-0 and possibly a new banner next to the one that says inaugural season.

Did you see that we went 4-6 in our last 10 games and somehow gained ground on every single team in the division?

I've had people ask me if we're going to clinch the division by the All-Star break. Well, it's all just mathematics at this point. Put it this way: say the Raptors win 40% of their games the rest of the way, they would finish at 43-39. In this hypothetical scenario, the Brooklyn Nets -- really, the only team who have even a somewhat realistic chance of putting up a fight for the division title -- would have to go 27-17 the rest of the way to tie the Raptors. In other words, yes, we've clinched the Atlantic Division.

So, we're not going to look at the Atlantic Division standings anymore. The only standings we acknowledge going forward:

One eye on this, and another on where the Cleveland Cavaliers are in the standings. If the playoffs were to start today, we would play the Cavs in a 3-6 matchup. Some of you might say bring it on, and I applaud you, but I am personally scared as shit to be seeing LeBron James in the first round. Maybe that's just me. Yes, they lost again last night and are now 19-20, but do you really want to see that team in the first round?

Anyways, no more references to the Atlantic Division standings. Until next season. Maybe.