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The Raptors On Social Media This Week: Ice Fishing, Blackberrys, Teammates Reunited, More

A look at what our players were up to this past week.

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

Hey Susan Surandon was at the Raptors game on Saturday. I personally can't wait for Susan Surandon x Drake night next year. Might be a blast.

Anyways, here are some highlights from the week in social media, where we keep up with relevant things, like Bebe and Bruno reunited:

Or some of the players showing love for their new Blackberry. Honest question: how many of you still use a Blackberry? Important question: Did Masai Ujiri swing the Bargnani and Gay trades while on a Blackberry? If so, exec of the year forever.

This is what Jonas likes to do in the winter time:

Patrick Patterson felt just a bit bad that Cam Newton had to go up against the vaunted Seattle Seahawks defense:

And Terrence Ross would like to challenge you to a game of NBA2K on the Playstation 4

What did we miss?