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Andrew Wiggins Goes Back To Vaughan For His Latest Commercial

The first overall pick goes back to his old high school in his first high profile commercial since being traded to the Minnesota Timberwolves.

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Here at Raptors HQ, we occasionally take the time to focus on Canadian players, even if they're not with the Raptors. This is especially so when a commercial gets filmed in Vaughan.

After signing with Adidas, Andrew Wiggins continued his endorsement deal streak by linking up with BioSteel Sports. What's the back story on this company? We were curious too. BioSteel is a Canadian sports drink and supplement manufacturer. Think: Gatorade, Canadian version.

According to their website, BioSteel was created by Matt Nicol, who figured out the ideal diet and supplements an individual needs as part of their daily routine.

By signing with them, Wiggins joins Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant as high profile athletes associated with BioSteel. The company's product line includes performance drinks along with protein and recovery drinks for athletes at all levels.

You can watch the commercial featuring Wiggins here:

The commercial was shot at Vaughan Secondary School in Toronto, where Wiggins play high school basketball for two years. Throughout the video, Wiggins along with other students are shown wearing a hoodie with the hashtag #drinkthepink. The commercial also includes a scene at Marita Payne Park, which is named after Wiggins' mom and former track and field star, Marita Payne Wiggins.

The video is titled "Stay True To Your Roots" and lines up with Wiggins and his appreciation of where he's from. In the past, Wiggins has talked about staying grounded and made that a priority as he grew up in the spotlight. So, signing with a Canadian company is important to what Wiggins believes in and solidifies him in the market here.

Before he entered the NBA, Wiggins was asked whether he could see a future as a member of the Toronto Raptors, to which he replied, "I don't know. Only God knows. That's too far ahead."

We're assuming there are a few Raptors fans out there who want to have that discussion sooner rather than later. For now, we'll be rooting for him in Minnesota, except when he plays against Toronto, of course.

What does everyone think about the commercial?