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Raptors Media Day: Terrence Ross Interview

Terrence Ross on bulking up, playing in the Drew League and how he's still not over the end of Game 7 of last year's playoffs.

Terrence Ross talked to reporters yesterday at Media Day. The full interview is above. Highlights below:

  • He played in the Drew League for the first time this summer and was ecstatic to be a part of it, but the focus was on getting stronger so he could take the bumps and deal with the physical play which he surely took note of during the playoffs last season
  • Ross says he's put on around 15 pounds this summer, and was focused on lifting weights at every opportunity
  • Admits it's still hard for him to watch the end of Game 7, even going as far to say he feels responsible for how the last play went down because he was in the wrong spot and the spacing forced Kyle Lowry into having to take the shot in the lane. Says it's tough to think about. You can tell it's a sore subject for Ross, and the bad taste of Game 7 is something he desperately wants to get rid of this season