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Raptors Media Day: DeMar DeRozan Interview

DeMar DeRozan on how media day was different this year, whether people around the league respect the Raptors and if he still thinks about Game 7 against Brooklyn.

DeMar DeRozan's full interview at Media Day is above. Some key points:

  • Says media day was definitely different this year, because of the success of last year's team, he can feel the positive energy in the city
  • He doesn't think the national media gives the Raptors the respect they deserve, but he thinks players around the league respects them. Points to conversations he had at the FIBA World Cup when he heard from other players about how difficult it was to have to play against Toronto
  • Says he's more comfortable this year with his overall game, including posting up and creating off the dribble
  • Still thinks about Game 7 against Brooklyn all the time. And thinks the team will need to remember that experience to feed off it, to understand how bad it hurt, so they can carry that into training camp and have the hunger and edge to do it all over again
  • Didn't watch much of the second round, and was frustrated because he thought the Raptors could have given Miami a better run than Brooklyn