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Raptors Media Day: Dwane Casey Interview

The Raptors head coach spoke about the importance of training camp, not putting a number on success, and his relationship with James Johnson

Dwane Casey spoke with reporters at Media Day on Monday. Above is the full interview, key points below:

  • Casey is excited for training camp because it's a good time to work on fundamentals and really lay the groundwork for philosophies the coaching staff might have
  • Was asked, as everyone else were, about the heightened expectations for this season. Casey says the team should embrace it, and should act like defending Atlantic Division champions and play like it every night
  • Casey doesn't want to put a specific number on the wins the team needs to get, says it's unnecessary pressure for the team. But did say the number one goal is to defend the division title
  • Thinks the continuity will be huge, and thinks James Johnson and Lou Williams will find a rhythm with the team sooner rather than later
  • Also talked briefly about James Johnson's previous tenure in Toronto, and praised him for having matured since. Casey and Johnson didn't exactly see eye to eye during their time together in Toronto, but Casey says it's never been personal and says the two have discussed it