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Global Ambassador Drake Willing to Collaborate with LeBron James

Conspiracy theorists unite: Is Drizzy using music as an undercover recruiting pitch for the King?

Mike Ehrmann

According to TMZ, everybody's favourite rapper and Global Ambassador Drake is willing to work with LeBron on his hip hop game.

King James' rapping skills thus far in his life have been fairly mediocre at best, so any help from Drake certainly couldn't hurt.

Still, the Global Ambassador does have to be careful. Surely the NBA is following and listening to every move of Drake's after the Durant incident at OVO Fest.

Now, in terms of song choices there's countless options for the two to remix together. The song "305 to My City" could easily be changed to suit LeBron by calling it "305 to My Akron." This could easily be a hit, sliding into clubs all over Northeast Ohio.

While this collaboration certainly could improve LeBron's abilities in hip hop, he should probably stick to his title pursuit with the Cavaliers and leave Drake to work with the Raptors on some music.

You can't tell me Jonas Valanciunas' first single won't be fire, right?