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Maple Leaf Square's "Jurassic Park" to be Officially Renamed

Here's a small update on the renaming of Maple Leaf Square, which obviously won't cause any problems or confusion.

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John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

With a renewed sponsorship deal from long-time partner the Ford Motor Company of Canada, the area outside the Air Canada Centre known by Toronto Raptors fans as "Jurassic Park" is getting a new name.

Wait, do you mean... no, they wouldn't.

Yes. They would.

They're going to rename it Ford Square!

Starting next week, the public space that has been host to both celebration and heartbreak will have the same name as the City of Toronto's beleaguered (to put it mildly) Mayor.

As the Globe and Mail reports:

As part of a five-year renewal of its sponsorship deal with Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment Ltd., the auto maker has purchased naming rights to the square outside the Air Canada Centre in downtown Toronto, which is currently known as Maple Leaf Square. Ford Motor Co. of Canada Ltd. plans to announce the name change early next week.

I will admit that before reading the news story I thought Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment had made some reckless deal with the Ford brothers. Just one last thumb to the eye of the City on their way out of the Mayor's office. Fortunately, while the name is not referencing those particular Fords, it is still... just...

You know what, let's all just agree to call it Maple Leaf Square forever. Or Jurassic Park.

Sound good?