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Dwane Casey Ranked As 13th Best Coach in the NBA

In our ongoing mission to rank everything, today we've got CBS Sports with their list of the best coaches in the NBA.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this week Matt Moore of CBS Sports got down to the business of ranking all 30 of the NBA's coaches. Coming in at number 13 is the Toronto Raptors' Dwane Casey. He's in the helpfully titled "High-Expectations Crew", which is ahead of the "Cause-for-Concern Allotment" (just in case you were wondering).

Moore's marks for Casey are pretty sound. As he says:

Casey's discipline and culture-building have been great, and he allowed the team to really ride the good vibes last year. He's excited for his guys and shows emotion in the right doses, and is hard on them in the right amounts as well.

But then again, on the flip side:

The biggest criticism might be his inability to make adjustments both in-game and in playoff series, but that's an area he can make improvements in pretty easily, it would seem.

So basically, Casey is working as hard as he can to keep the good times going, hold his team accountable and grow along with the young bunch of players - most significantly Kyle Lowry - that he's been gifted with. He doesn't have the pedigree of a top 10 coach just yet (the realm of Gregg Popovich, Doc Rivers, and... Steve Clifford?) but Casey does have a chance to move into the "Hot Commodities" group if he helms the Raptors to another strong season.

What do you guys think?