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Bruce Bowen Thinks Vince Carter and Tracy McGrady Were Too Passive

In an interview with San Antonio Express News, Bruce Bowen points out that former Raptors Vince Carter and Tracy McGrady failed to achieve their full potential due to a lack of effort and assertiveness.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sport

Tell me if you've heard this before: Vince Carter and Tracy McGrady probably would've reached greater heights in their respective careers if they had the work-ethic and attitude of say, a Kobe Bryant.

While that sentiment has been circulated ad nauseam among NBA circles, it's still notable when a former player echoes those thoughts. When that former player is defensive dynamo Bruce Bowen, it becomes even more noteworthy.

In a recent interview with San Antonio Express News, Bowen expressed the following thoughts when asked who he enjoyed guarding in the NBA:

Tracy might have been one of the most talented but he’d settle. He wouldn't necessarily bring it the whole time. Vince, if he was more competitive, if he had the desire of Kobe, he could have been one of the all-time greats. But…he settled to a point where you accomplish a few things and that’s that."

Should we be surprised? Probably not, but it's certainly interesting to hear a former player think Carter and McGrady could've played harder. He mentioned that guys like Kobe, Dirk, and Michael Redd (yes, seriously) were always tough match-ups for him because they brought 100 percent effort each night. Remember, there was a time early in their careers when Carter and Kobe were considered equally promising players for the future.

How does this make y'all feel, Raptors fans?