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How Kyle Lowry Became the Man in Toronto

Up this morning at Grantland, Jonathan Abrams reports on the story of Kyle Lowry and everything it's taken for him to get to his current spot with the Toronto Raptors.

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

Jonathan Abrams is a journalist who sheds light onto the unseen corners of a professional basketball player's life. He's covered everyone from Matt Barnes to the duo of Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis. This morning, the player he reports on is none other than Kyle Lowry.

Over at Grantland, Abrams has the whole story: Lowry as a child, as a player at Villanova, as a young draftee in Memphis, as a spare part in Houston, and, of course, as a leader in Toronto.

I'll get out of the way here and let you read it. We'll meet back in the comments section to discuss the story. Cool? Cool.