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Call 911: Unofficial Fashion Police Rank NBA Jerseys

One NBA blog describes the current Raptors jerseys as "forgettable" and ranks them as having the 21st-best jersey in the league. Do we agree?

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sport

As ESPN undertakes their annual #NBARank player rankings and Sports Illustrated unveils their Top 100 players of 2015, the gentlemen over at Chode League took on an equally if not more pressing evaluation: which team has the best jersey game?

The rankings seem fairly arbitrary, and are written in a sarcastic tone. Some justifications are as simple as "colour x looks better than colour y," while other focus more on the actual jersey design itself. The Raptors come in at #21, just missing the cut to make the "Yes! Slightly Below Average Category" while being the top team in the grouping of "Forgettable: That's What You Are."

Upon reading the review, it seems that the writers' beef with the red Raptors jerseys is not so much about what is wrong with the current model, but how great the original purple dino jerseys were:

The problem is not that the current Raptors uniforms are bad, but the fact that they would be so much better if they still had purple. Don't listen to Drake; black and gold is not the way to go. EMBRACE THE PURPLE.

I may be biased, but I'm a big fan of our uniform set; especially the white home and black alternative ones. Top 5? Maybe not, but I'd lobby for a top 10 ranking. What do you think Raptors fans? Were the fashion police fair in their assessment, or off base?