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Amir Johnson Wants Raps Fans to Join the #ManClean Movement

Amir Johnson took his Swiffer "#ManClean" movement to various Toronto media outlets during the week.

Amir poses with the cast of the social
Amir poses with the cast of the social

Toronto's adopted son Amir Johnson has partnered with Swiffer to begin the #ManClean movement. The craze is now sweeping the twitterverse with celebrities and fans alike.

Amir first headed to the set of "The Social" on CTV and engaged in an epic cleaning battle with the hosts.

Johnson then sat down with TSN's Michael Landsberg, which led to this awesome tweet:

Fans followed suit, tweeting out their best Raptor themed #ManClean pics. The best have been retweeted by the "Doctor of Denial" himself, so head over to his twitter account to view them.

With #ManClean sure to keep growing, you think it could make it onto the opposite side of the court from #WeTheNorth? A little corporate sponsorship never hurt anybody right...