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Greivis Vasquez Back in TO Promoting the Pan Am Games

Greivis Vasquez is on a media blitz this week promoting the Pan Am Games. Yesterday he made an appearance on Canada AM and interacted with fans via a Reddit AMA.


With the release of ticket prices and availability for the Pan Am Games next summer, Greivis Vasquez (perhaps a Global Ambassador of the Games, you could say) is back in Toronto promoting the event on all forms of media. On Tuesday morning he participated in a Reddit AMA with fans, but before that hopped on Canada AM to talk about the upcoming Pan Am Games experience.

From that quick interview, Vasquez showed he is still very much in love with the city and very much looking forward to playing for his country. It was his MVP performance this past summer that helped qualify the Venezuelans for the basketball tournament in the Pan Am Games.

After the interview, Greivis hopped on Reddit to participate in an AMA (Ask Me Anything) with questions submitted from fans. While the session didn't result in much basketball analysis, there were certainly some entertaining answers from the General.

Multiple times the question of where Greivis gets his flashy haircuts was brought up. The answer: "Finch and Milvan. Dominican Guy, Alberto!" I hope to see a ton of Raps fans walking around the city with that cut this season.

Also if you're a frequent shopper at Yorkdale mall, be sure to look out for Vasquez as he likes to shop too: "Every now and then I go. I love that mall".

Now when it came to dishing dirt and stories on some teammates, Greivis came through and gave us some gems. When it came to who has the deadliest farts on the team, the simple answer of "Amir Johnson" had me laughing. Also, this story:

"One time we were travelling from some city and the flight was really bumpy. And Chuck Hayes was throwing up all over the place. And we were like what the?"

Now, jokes aside, Vasquez and the rest of the Raps are certainly motivated to continue their rise to the higher ranks of the NBA this season. Greivis clearly stated his role and his goal: "to help my team win games...we should make the playoffs...make a run in the playoffs...humble and hungry"

I can't be more excited after that answer. October 29th can't come fast enough!

Are you guys fired up?