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Bruno Caboclo Given Lowest Rating In 'NBA 2K15' Video Game

The aura of being "two years away from being two years away" may have hurt Caboclo's standing in the video game world. His rating of 64 puts him right at the bottom of the barrel.

Mike Stobe

If you go by 2K Sports' logic in their player ratings for their upcoming NBA 2K15 video game, you'll come to the conclusion that Toronto Raptors' rookie Bruno Caboclo is the worst of the worst in the National Basketball Association.

The @NBA2K Twitter account slowly began releasing the ratings once it reached the 585,000 follower mark. Gamers got a sneak peak at who was ranked where from No. 200 to 424, with Caboclo bringing up the rear at No. 424.

Seriously. He's dead last. (h/t

  • 415   66   Victor Claver SF   POR
  • 416   66   Reggie Williams SF   MIA
  • 417   66   Sergey Karasev SF   BKN
  • 418   65   Donald Sloan PG   IND
  • 419   65   Brendan Haywood C   CLE
  • 420   65   Brandon Davies PF   PHI
  • 421   65   Hasheem Thabeet C   OKC
  • 422   65   Josh Huestis SF   OKC
  • 423   64   Shavlik Randolph PF   PHX
  • 424   64   Bruno Caboclo   SF   TOR

Caboclo is lower than Hasheem Thabeet? Sergey Karasev? Donald Sloan?

Are you telling me that the "Brazilian Kevin Durant" couldn't muster up enough support on the 2K staff to garner a little more respect under their ratings criteria?

Blasphemy! This shall not stand.

Don't make me scour through the settings and alter his rating myself.

What? I can't actually do that? Well that's a shame.

It's almost as if the only research that was done on Caboclo was listening to ESPN analyst Fran Fraschilla's assessment on draft night back on June 26. I feel as if his age and the cloud of mystery surrounding him amounted to his final rating of 64, yet it's still rather surprising.

On the bright side, if he exceeds expectations and shows value during the 2014-15 season, his rating will slowly grow, thus saving him from obscurity.

Don't sweat it, Raptor fans. Caboclo is merely two years away from being two years away on the cover of NBA 2K19.