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The Questions We Would Have Asked Bruno Caboclo For His AMA

The Raptors rookie participated in a Reddit AMA but only answered two question. Here's a few more we would have asked.

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

At the NBA rookie photo shoot last weekend, Reddit hosted an NBA Rookie Class AMA. For those who are unfamiliar with these Ask Me Anything sessions, they generally take two forms. The first is a free flowing, non-scripted, personality infused discussion. The second -- and more common among politicians and such -- are scripted, straight to the point, and well, not that interesting. Unfortunately, the rookie class AMA fell into the latter category.

Bruno Caboclo answered two questions in the AMA. The first was arguably the most important, on whether he had met Drake, our global ambassador. We were hoping Caboclo would have flashed some humor and said the meeting was the best he ever had, but he simply stated they've crossed paths.

Caboclo was also asked about how he felt prior to and following the Las Vegas Summer League and the effect that those feelings had on his confidence. Caboclo was brief and said that it went well.

The AMA obviously didn't give us much insight into the Brazilian rookie, so here are a few questions we would have asked:

  1. How did he feel about the "two years away from being two years away" comment on draft night?
  2. His thoughts on being selected by the only Canadian team in the league?
  3. If he followed the NBA on a regular basis in Brazil, and how familiar he was with the Raptors prior to being drafted?
  4. A discussion of why he considers Paul George his idol.
  5. Which player is he most looking forward to play against?
  6. What was the biggest adjustment going from playing in Brazil to the summer league?
  7. And most importantly, what his favorite Drake song is.
New goal for this season: get Caboclo to answer these questions for the site.

What other questions would you like to have seen answered?