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DeRozan Expected to Make Next Cut for Team USA World Cup Squad

Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

While it won't be official until later this afternoon, it sounds like Toronto Raptors' wing DeMar DeRozan will make the next cut for Team USA's basketball squad that's competing in the upcoming World Cup.  Yahoo! Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski tweeted yesterday that Washington Wizards' guards John Wall and Bradley Beal would be cut, along with Atlanta Hawks' forward Paul Millsap.

Factoring in the tragic injury to Indiana Pacers' wing Paul George, that puts the World Cup roster at 16 with likely a cut to go.  DeRozan had a strong outing in last week's inter-squad scrimmage, prior to the aforementioned George injury, which ended the contest prematurely.

The injury to George helps boost DeRozan's case as other than Kevin Durant (a lock for the team), the only other 2-3 types like DeRozan are Golden State Warriors' sniper Klay Thompson, Atlanta Hawks' dead-eye Kyle Korver, and do-it-all Utah Jazz forward Gordon Hayward.  Assuming Team USA elects for one shooter at the spot (Thompson or Korver), it could come down to Hayward versus DeRozan for one of the final spots.