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Sunday Poll: Should the Raptors Restrict Participation in Off-Season Competition?

Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

This was probably a pretty obvious Sunday poll question in the wake of what went down yesterday regarding Paul George.

If somehow you missed it, Paul George suffered a horrific leg injury, the video of which I'm NOT linking to, during the USA Basketball Showcase in Vegas on Friday evening.  George was carried out on a stretcher and while we're still awaiting his prognosis for the upcoming season, considering the severity of the injury, it looks bleak.

George himself though has already vowed to return better than ever, but already many pundits, and even GM's apparently, are using the incident to further strengthen the argument against NBA personnel's participation in International tournaments, the type which typically occur in the offseason.

I disagree as injuries can, and do happen, at any time, and SB Nation's Tom Ziller does a great job further extrapolating on this point and others in his piece on the subject.

But, what if it wasn't Paul George that went down, but the Raptors' Team USA participant DeMar DeRozan?

So we're curious to get your take on the matter.  Should the Raptors deny players the right to play in off-season competition?  And not just Olympic qualifiers and the like, but even Pro-Am leagues?  Should players' activity be restricted to almost entirely that of a "team-supervised" variety?

We want to hear from you!