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Raptors React to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

With the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge running wild on social media, I wondered: what kind of reaction could we expect from various Raptors, past and present?

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sport

Unless you've been living under a social media rock as of late, it's been pretty hard to escape the onslaught that is the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

(For those who don't know, bless you: people are filming themselves dumping a bucket of ice water on their head to ostensibly raise awareness of, and money to combat, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. They then nominate others to take the challenge.)

I don't know how these things get so effectively viral so fast, but seeing an opportunity for both good PR and fun, the NBA got involved as it is wont to do. Last week, the participants included a couple of Raptor players.

First up, DeMar DeRozan (along with his Team USA cohort; I see you Steph Curry calling out Obama and Commissioner Silver):

Now, upon serious review it looks as though DeRozan escapes the worst of the ice splash but decides to play up the coldness factor anyway. Smooth move.

Not to be outdone, as always, Kyle Lowry got in on the action too:

Like DeRozan, I feel like he didn't quite get the full head dunking experience, but whatever, good cause and all that.

This got me thinking though, what kind of reactions could we expect from other Raptors, past and present?

Amir Johnson - After getting dumped on, he'd see one of his teammates, bucket poised above his head, and indubitably dive in to help out.

Jonas Valanciunas - No reaction. He'd just shrug. And possibly be confused by the whole thing.

Bruno Caboclo - I feel like tears would be involved.

Vince Carter - The ice would miss.

Alvin Williams - He'd welcome it, if only to ease the pain in his knees.

Kevin Willis - He'd take all of the ice buckets, refuse to give them up, and eventually dump them all on himself. And then he'd flex.

Chris Bosh - He'd appear to enjoy it a tad too much.

Charles Oakley - Yeah, right.

OK, let's hear some more.