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Lou Williams Says He's Excited To Be Part Of A Young Core In Toronto

Sweet Lou spoke about expectations and goals for this upcoming season with the team.

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

In an interview conducted earlier this week, Lou Williams spoke about his expectations for his first season with the Raptors. He's very happy with the move, and believes his skills will translate much better in Toronto than it did with the Atlanta Hawks:

"I am excited to a part of a young core, I am excited be on a team that wants me, that has a high expectation level for me. My time here in Atlanta, I realized that they were going in a direction that probably didn’t fit my style of play and I probably didn’t fit Coach Bud’s style of play. I’m a guy that needs the ball to be effective and they really didn’t need that from me. They were building a different core of a basketball team. I felt like it worked out for both sides, they got some talented guys in making moves this offseason and I feel great about the fit that I’m in."

With Lou committed to the organization and being a solid fit with the second unit, the conversation turned to his health and whether he can regain the form that made him one of the best sixth man in the league at one time:

"I feel like I’m at 90 percent or higher – I’m attacking in transition again, I’m playing with a lot of confidence, I’m not even thinking about my knee when I play basketball. The sky is the limit right now."

So, Raptors fans, do you think it's possible for Lou Trill to be one of the best bench scorers in the league this season?