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Raptors Fined $25,000 for Drake's Concert Pitch to Kevin Durant

Drake's OVO shoutout to the reigning NBA Most Valuable Player will cost the Raptors a hefty sum.

Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

Drake was too strong on his compliments, overdosed on confidence, started to give Durant a pitch and stopped fearing the consequence.

As reported by Marc Stein of ESPN, the Toronto Raptors have been fined $25,000 after Drake made a public pitch to Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant at his OVO Festival at the Molson Amphitheatre last Monday.

Here's a video of the pitch in question:

Being a "Global Ambassador" for the Raptors makes Drake an employee of the team. That explains why the NBA came down with a large fine as it's considered tampering for one to (publicly) recruit a player under contract to another organization.

Can you really blame him, though?

Drake had his eyes on Durant. He's everything Drake sees. He wants his high love and emotion endlessly.

Durant becomes a free agent during the summer of 2016. We'll see if Drake's words had any influence (you never know....) then.