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2014 NBA Free Agency Rumours: Raptors to Meet With Andray Blatche

Please no.

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports


Blatche?  Andray Blatche?

As in Lap Dance Tuesdays Andray Blatche?

Look, if the report that has the Toronto Raptors meeting with Blatche tomorrow in Las Vegas is true, I get it to a certain extent. Blatche, when properly motivated can be a match-up nightmare due to his size, length, and touch around the hoop.  He's not exactly the rim protector I think the club still needs, but he could probably be had for a very fair price, helping to back up Toronto's big man spots all the while leaving some precious cash to address wing or guard depth.  The Raptors have a slew of versatile players now and Blatche as a basketball player (and I stress this latter part) fits the bill.

But man, aren't there any other options out there?  Blatche was a constant off-court distraction while in Washington, and in Brooklyn, while he did refocus on the court, it's not like he was problem-free off of it. He might be a fit on the court, but off of it?  While I'm not a huge believer in chemistry being the be-all, end-all for a club, it's hard to see how a career jackass like Blatche fits amongst the likes of Terrence Ross and Amir Johnson.

However Masai Ujiri's earned the benefit of the doubt here, so maybe he just wants to chat with Blatche about the best cabaret establishments in Las Vegas?