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Steve Novak Traded to the Jazz

Keep working those phones, Masai

Kevin C. Cox

I would embed a tweet by the all seeing, all knowing Woj here, but I'm DVR-ing the Colombia-Brazil game and I'm trying to avoid Twitter.

Anyway, the super-busy Masai Ujiri has flipped three-point specialist Steve Novak, and a second rounder, to the Utah Jazz for some guy named Diante Garrett, whose contract isn't guaranteed (bye-bye, Diante).

In the Utah Jazz, Ujiri has found a partner willing to take on some salary, which frees up some valuable cap-space for the Raps. Novak makes $3.4 million this season and $3.7 million in 2015-2016. With that small amount of flexibility, the Raps could possibly go out and sign a cheap-ish 3-and-D type small-forward.

More details if/when they emerge.

Update (10:55pm): Now that I'm finally done watching Brazil and Colombia kick the crap out of each other, just a couple things to add. The Novak trade means that the Raps currently have about $69 million on the pay-roll -- the luxury tax threshold is $77 million.

The Raps will likely wave Dwight Buycks and Julyan Stone soon, and it's not totally clear whether they'll retain the services of Nando de Colo -- pulling his qualifying offer would, of course, open up some more space. The Raps can then ink Greivis Vasquez to a fair, market-value deal and still be able to use most of their mid level exception on a much-needed wing with size.