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Sunday Poll: What Should the Raptors Do With Their Final Roster Spot?

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Over the past couple days, we've been talking about Toronto's final roster spot on the site.  We mentioned the tweet from Marc Spears of Yahoo! Sports regarding Will Cherry, and yesterday Zach and I kicked around some other ideas for the 15th spot on the roster.  Emeka Okafor, Jordan Crawford, Seth Curry, you name'em.

We even through out Mr. "Ball" himself.

But regardless of player names, there are a few over-arching themes to the use of the final spot on the club.  The club could simply leave the spot open, they could look to bring in a proven vet, Toronto could look to develop a youngster, or some combination of the latter two, in the form of a player with a certain skill that plugs a hole on the roster.

As we've discussed though, there really is no gaping hole right now, and it may make sense for Toronto to see how the season starts to unfold before they grab say a back-up big man, or another point guard option.

But as we do in the summer on Sunday's, we want to hear from you, what should Toronto do with that 15th spot?