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Raptors to Play 2014-15 Pre-Season Games in Vancouver and Montreal

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Spo

A quick blurb this afternoon in terms of Raptors' news but it looks like Toronto will be playing some pre-season action outside of the confines of the GTA once again next season.

From a press release via the team a few hours ago:

The Toronto Raptors announced Monday they will play host to preseason games in Vancouver and Montreal in October. They will face the Sacramento Kings at Rogers Arena in Vancouver on Sunday, October 5 and the New York Knicks at Bell Centre in Montreal on Friday, October 24.

This continues a theme for Toronto over the years, as the club has played in Vancouver before (back in 2010), and Montreal in 2012.  They've played preseason games in 11 Canadian cities outside of Toronto since 1995 in fact, and in 2007, the club played overseas in Rome, Italy and Madrid, for NBA Europe Live. (I actually attended parts of the latter trip, an amazing experience for all involved.)

As for Toronto's foes in these two preseason matches...some interesting choices no?  Aren't these the last two teams that Masai Ujri has fleeced via trade?  Hmmmmm.