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2014 NBA Draft: Raptors Select DeAndre Daniels With 37th Pick

Jamie Squire

The Toronto Raptors have selected DeAndre Daniels from UCONN with their first pick in the second round of the 2014 NBA Draft, 37th overall.  Daniels is a 6-9 forward who can stretch the floor (shot 42 per cent from long range) and has solid physical attributes.  He's also one of the multitude of players the Raptors had in for pre-draft workouts.

Again, we'll discuss this pick a bit later but right now, not super excited about the selection.  There were a few other players I preferred at that spot, and I'm not sure what position Daniels guards at the next level.  We previewed him already so take a look back if you forget our recon work, and here again is his scouting video from