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2014 NBA Draft Open Thread: Will the Raptors Draft Tyler Ennis at 20?

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Apologies for the late start, at a hotel and of course the wi-fi has been working about as well as the Raptors drafting Rafael Araujo.

For the second straight year the top pick in the NBA Draft is a Canadian, and for the second straight that Canadian player was taken by the Cleveland Cavaliers.  Yes, Andrew Wiggins went first overall to the Cavs, although who knows if they keep the pick or not.

The second pick went to the Milwaukee Bucks who predictably took Jabari Parker, the third to the Philadelphia 76ers who decided the risk of Joel Embiid was worth it, and nabbed the Kansas big man.

Then things went a bit awry as the Orlando Magic out of nowhere grabbed Arizona super-athlete Aaron Gordon, and just now, the Utah Jazz took Dante Exum, who apparently refused a workout with said Jazz.

We'll take it from there, with the LA Lakers on the clock.

Happy draft night everyone!