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NBA Draft Rumours: Raptors Looking to Acquire 22nd Pick from Grizzlies

Is Masai Ujiri looking to get another kick at the "first round can?"

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sport

Hot off the press, it sounds like Masai Ujri is looking to grab a second pick late in the first round of this draft.

From's Marc Stein:



Then a few minutes later:


My thoughts on this rumour?


I sent Salmons out in a fake trade a few days ago in order to get Thad Young, but to get a second pick in a very deep draft and only have to take back Prince, who still a) still has some use and b) is an upgrade on Salmons period, seems like a no-brainer.

This would give Toronto two shots at Canadian point guard Tyler Ennis and could see them grabbing one of the other players they have in their top five list (my guess would be Clint Capela, Kyle Anderson or T.J. McDaniels.)

Plus, in terms of the salary they'd be taking on, it's not exorbitant.  With Prince and another first-round pick on board, the club would likely be paying an extra $8M or so for next season.

From the Toronto Sun's Ryan Wolstat:


We'll continue to follow the story as it unfolds but let us know via our poll, what you think of the proposed deal.