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RaptorsHQ Mock Draft Roundup: Ennis Still Favourite Option for Raptors at 20

With the draft only about 48 hours away, the HQ takes a look around the interweb to see which players are being named as top options for the Toronto Raptors at the 20th overall spot.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Wow, suddenly the NBA draft is in two days.

On top of that, what seemed like a pretty stable draft in terms of the top few picks, has been thrown into an "anything-can-happen" type deal thanks to the recent injury to consensus top pick Joel Embiid.

Further down the draft, the Toronto Raptors are apparently narrowing their options to about five guys for their first pick in the draft, 20th overall, and I'm feeling pretty confident that our draft board has the bulk of those options covered.  (We'll be releasing a new version Thursday morning.)

But as we've been doing in the last few weeks, let's take a look around the interweb's various mock drafts, to see who folks have the Toronto Raptors slated to select come Thursday.

Draftexpress:  Clint Capela

Basically, DraftExpress has had three guys in this spot for the past few weeks.  Tyler Ennis, T.J Warren, and Capela. Toronto has seen two of the three via workouts, and I'd say there's a very good chance one ends up in a Raptors' uniform by the time the draft has concluded.  My gut says it will be Ennis though, with Capela going a bit later, and Warren going a bit earlier, but we'll find out in about 48 hours. (Insider):  Tyler Ennis

For some reason ESPN Insider has been running two mock drafts this year, one from draft analyst Chad Ford, the other from basketball reporter Jeff Goodman.  Regardless, both currently have Ennis locked in to to the 20th spot, ripe for Toronto's selection.

Yahoo! Sports:  Tyler Ennis

Ennis again.  Marc J. Spears from Yahoo! Sports who does these mock drafts, has had Ennis here for a while so no change 48 hours before the big day.  Shabazz Napier

Interestingly, a player that now is taking Ennis' spot on a number of mock drafts is UCONN stud, Shabazz Napier. Napier looked to be a late second-round prospect a few months ago, but his play in the tournament vaulted him into late first, early second-round talks.  Now, his performances in team workouts seems to have boosted him again to the point where many teams apparently prefer him to Ennis. has Napier at 20, and Ennis falling to 25. Tyler Ennis

Still more Ennis.

Note, this mock is from June 18th and it appears there's a newer version as of today, but the link to it (and other SI articles right now) is redirecting to a 404 error page.  Nice work SI. Zach LaVine

Hey, a non-Ennis pick to end things off!  Scott Howard-Cooper's mock draft on has the Raptors taking LaVine and developing into a point guard behind Kyle Lowry.  Not a bad idea, assuming Lowry is there to be developed behind of course.  Regardless of how you feel about the LaVine pick in this mock, there is one thing that Howard-Cooper's selections bear out, that is consistent with other mocks: The Chicago Bulls are a problem if Toronto wants Tyler Ennis. In nearly every mock draft on the net the Bulls, with the 16th and 19th picks, hold the key to Ennis dropping to Toronto. The Bulls need insurance at their point guard spot too so unless they deal one or both of those picks, it's highly likely they'll use one on a point guard.