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NBA Free Agency Rumours: Kyle Lowry and Miami Heat Have Mutual Interest

Here come the Kyle Lowry rumours...

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Spo


"Yay for rumours!

"Who cares."

That's pretty much my series of reactions to the news most of you saw yesterday afternoon regarding current Toronto Raptor Kyle Lowry, and the now-dethroned Miami Heat.  According to reports from's Brian Windhorst and CBS, the Heat will be courting Mr. Lowry, and Mr. Lowry may actually be persuaded to join the Heat.

As for my responses, the initial one indeed was "oh great," since it's not exactly the kind of thing Raptors' fans want to read.  But then I quickly changed gears to make fun of the rumour, and switch to "who cares" mode because really, didn't we expect this sort of thing?  Regardless if Lowry actually told anyone he's interested in joining the Heat, OF COURSE HE IS.  I'M INTERESTED!  It would mean playing with three of the best players in the NBA and in a weak Eastern Conference, likely being an auto-lock for the NBA Finals.

At the same time, we all know such a move is not so simple considering he'd be giving up some serious cash to make the move, and the Heat have a lot of personnel decisions to "Wade through."  (Pun intended)

So let's chalk this up for what it is right now, and return to our regularly scheduled draft programming shall we?