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Sunday Poll: What need should the Raptors address via the draft?


Tomorrow we'll kick off our award-winning NBA draft coverage as the Toronto Raptors look to strike gold with not only the 20th overall pick in the upcoming draft, but the 37th and 59th picks as well.  We'll bust out our usual slew of prospect previews, player interviews and statistical analysis, and hopefully secure some draft workout footage once the team begins bringing in prospects, something we've done in past years:

Draft time is my favourite time of the NBA season and it will be interesting this year to see which direction the Raptors go with more than one draft slot to fill.

The club of course could trade one or more of their picks, and I've got a feeling that will be the case considering the current roster makeup.  The club isn't looking to rebuild so carrying three draftees next year in addition to an already young core, likely isn't in the works.  In addition, with zero lottery picks one could argue that the players chosen may have little to no impact on the franchise going forward anyways.

However that doesn't mean the club can't find a steal with that 20th pick, or even the early second-rounder, especially in terms of simply filling a need as opposed to taking the player with the biggest upside.

Which brings us to our poll question today.

In advance of the NBA Draft, we want to know which need the Raptors should be looking to address above all others in this upcoming process.