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Poll: Raptors vs Nets - Who Do You Think Wins Their 2014 NBA Playoff Series?


"The Nets have more experience!"

"But the Raptors have younger legs and are more athletic!"

"That won't matter, Jason Kidd knows how to use his troops to take advantage of Toronto's youth."

"Whatever - Kidd learned under Toronto's coach, Dwane Casey!"

"Plus the Raps have the best player in the series, Kyle Lowry!"

"That won't matter, it's history repeating itself, the sixth seeded Nets are again going to upset the third seeded Raptors..."

You've likely heard the arguments and narratives already but tomorrow all of that goes by the wayside.

It's game one of the Eastern Conference playoffs between the Brooklyn Nets and Toronto Raptors, and the only thing that will matter will be the final score when 48 minutes are up.

But to kick things off this morning, we want your take on the upcoming series between two slightly familiar foes. Over the course of this seven game series, which team do you think wins it all, and how many games does it take to accomplish the task?