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Raptors vs Knicks Gameday Thread: All About Playoff Seeding

The Toronto Raptors end their regular season tonight with a game in New York against the Knicks, but let's hope the club doesn't mail this one in. There is playoff seeding on the line!!

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sport

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Toronto Raptors vs New York Knicks

April 16, 2014

Sportsnet One - 8:00 PM EST

And now, we come to the finish.


For the first time in half a decade I can actually pen this Gameday preview and note that this in fact is not the end, only the end of the regular season as the Toronto Raptors are playoff bound.

When will their playoff run begin? Who will they play?

We won't know till later tonight as almost every game on the schedule involving an Eastern Conference playoff team will play a role in determining where the Raptors end up in the East's seeding, and who their first-round opponent will be.

Ooooh, exciting!

So for this reason, while it might be tempting to mail it in tonight against a Carmelo-less New York Knicks' squad, better for the Raptors to get a win and control as much of their destiny as possible.